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Searching for a venue to host a special occasion? Delight your guests with an experience like no other at Picnic. Our venue is fully equipped to make it happen.


Did you know our lighting changes by time and season? Yes indeed – check it out yourself at different timings and seasons!


Choose from 3 Seating Zones

  • Flower Garden (up to 35 pax)
  • Picnic Area (up to 155 pax)
  • Beer Garden (up to 80 pax)

Stage area

  • Full hook-ups for up to 6 live instruments
  • Full HD Video recording and wireless microphones

Projector screens

  • Dedicated screens located in each Seating Zone
  • Simultaneous or individual screening for each Seating Zone

Professional Sound System

  • Concert-level quality by BOSE
  • Input ports for any device from LPs to iPads to laptops

Customized Lighting

  • Next-generation Philips Lighting system allows you to control all our 2,000 lights
  • Customize your lighting environment to showcase your personal style or corporate colours

Competitive pricing

  • Integrated lighting, sound and projectors means you save on additional setup costs
  • Customizable pricing packages to suit your needs

Explore our unique restaurant

Select each section to find out more!

Flower Garden – Looking to impress your date? Or to have a comfortable family meal? This is your perfect spot.
Picnic stage – The best view to catch live performances. Great for music lovers.
Beer Garden – Great for loosening up after a long day of work.
Coffee & Cocktails bar – Your best spot to recharge and unwind.
Ezo Hokkaido Eats
Omakase Burger
Le Coq Roti
Rosti Haus
Daebak Korean
Taiwan Treasures
Flour & Water


Start planning with us today. Let’s make your event extra special.

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